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PEAK HSC Information Booklet

PEAK HSC Information Booklet This booklet contains important information regarding fees, policy, attendance and enrolment. It is strongly recommended for all current and prospective students to read through this before their next lesson. Hard copies are available at our centre upon request.

HSC 2020 Chemistry Solutions

HSC 2020 Chemistry Solutions Curious how you went in the exam? See our solutions here which was written by a state ranker!

Your HSC 2020 Study Pack

Your HSC 2020 Study Pack If you’re looking for last-minute practice papers, you’ve come to the right place, because this year the team at PEAK Academy has curated a special HSC study pack – mock HSC exam papers, complete with solutions to help boost your confidence for the upcoming HSC. ChemistryChemistry Mock HSC Exam 2020Chemistry Mock HSC…
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