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Our Biology Course

Our program is specially tailored to follow the new NESA Biology syllabus introduced in 2018. Our program commences at least a term ahead of school so that our students can take the time to learn, practice and master concepts under the guidance of our experienced team, giving them a competitive advantage over their peers in school.

Please note that our Biology course is run separately by PEAK Tuition (Level 1/223B Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights). All enquiries regarding Biology will need to be directed to Mr Hieu Le at 0404 754 848.



2-hour theory lesson once every week delivered by an experienced tutor with class notes that addresses concepts to a standard BEYOND that of the syllabus itself


Professionally written homework that contain exam-style questions along with marking criteria and fully worked solutions


Regular quizzes, assignments and examinations to assess knowledge and develop deep critical thinking


Additional 7-day support outside the classroom at no extra cost